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The attributable fraction was estimated from the odds ratio (OR) obtained from the regression models as follows:
The differences in absolute numbers were used to calculate the population attributable fraction under this model (i.
New and up-to-date attributable fractions should be generated for each cancer
A corollary of the population attributable fraction (PAF) is the population prevented fraction (PPF): the fraction of cases that could be prevented in the population if everyone were exposed to the preventive behaviour.
If we assume this attributable fraction is accurate for the U.
Looking at the average attributable fraction for each of the risk factors, the researchers found that the plaque score accounted for 13.
However, significant gaps remain in knowledge especially with regards to the population attributable fraction of alcohol related injuries, role of cultural factors, prevention of such injuries and effectiveness of intervention in cases of alcohol-attributable injuries both in the ED and within the community.
The attributable fraction (MacMahon and Trichopoulos 1996) of deaths is 7.
Three times as many men as women died of smoking-related diseases, and lung cancer was the largest attributable fraction due to smoking.
5] was considered of anthropogenic origin, and an attributable fraction (AF) of 100% was applied against the increment in cases and social costs of PTBs that could specifically be attributed to [PM.
Population attributable fraction estimates for pre- pregnancy and early pregnancy exposures and selected birth defects Population attributable fraction Birth defect Exposure % Congenital heart defects Pre-pregnancy obesity 8 * Congenital heart defects Pregestational diabetes 8 ([dagger]) Spina bifida Pre-pregnancy obesity 28 * Cleft lip with or Pre-pregnancy obesity 6 * without cleft palate Orofacial clefts Early pregnancy smoking 6 ([section]) Population attributable fraction Birth defect (95% uncertainty interval) Congenital heart defects (3-14) Congenital heart defects (6-12) Spina bifida (21-34) Cleft lip with or (1-11) without cleft palate Orofacial clefts (4-8) * Honein MA, Devine O, Sharma AJ, et al.