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"Attribute addresses a need to quantifiably demonstrate how well campaigns are working and provide optimization insights for those that are underperforming," said Michael Kennedy, product manager for Veritone Attribute.
Plithogenic set is a generalization of the crisp set, fuzzy set, intuitionistic fuzzy set, and neutrosophic set, since these four types of sets are characterized by a single attribute value (appurtenance): which has one value (membership) --for the crisp set and fuzzy set, two values (membership, and nonmembership)-- for intuitionistic fuzzy set, or three values (membership, nonmembership, and indeterminacy)--for neutrosophic set.
2 Formal Definition of Single (Uni-Dimensional) Attribute Plithogenic Set
Other attributes may be required dependent on the use of the database table.
Entire books have been written on the subjects of database structure and their management, so we will not try to replicate that depth of information here, but suffice to say that for the purpose of system analysis, you need to be aware of which attributes are required by the current system, that need to be present in the new system.
Measurable attribute refers to the "measurable quality of something" (Thompson, 1988, p.
OX: ATTRIBUTE: Industriousness BORN: 2009, 1997, 1985, 1973, 1961 THIS YEAR: Your patience will be tested this year - stay strong and composed and good things will come your way.
This paper focuses on determining the attribute weights based on experts' subjective preference information and the interval decision matrix.
It consists of three parts: the first part divides the complete entities into different blocks according to the attribute value types; the second part introduces the method of attribute clustering, which is used to remove redundant attributes; the third part performs comparisons solely between the subentities within the scalable window in each block and gathers the outputs from individual blocks to finish the ER problem.
The attribute is considered to be an external attribute, if it cannot be calculated within the environment of seismic trace data, which includes AVO attributes, impedance etc.
However, it can be effectively solved by the risk assessment model based on attribute comprehensive evaluation system, according to the principle of maximum membership degree law.
The first part corresponds to the user's attribute values, which is obtained from the broadcast message sent from the server and the other is selected by the user freely.