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Hong, Attribute Selection for Modeling, Future Generation Computer Systems, Elsevier, Volume 13, Number 2, pp.
Although this interpretation avoids the problem of God's divisibility that arises on the 'bundle theory' conception, it does so through Hallett's somewhat puzzling view that 'the attributes are indiscerptible' or inseparable in God, whereas in the human intellect they are discerptible (36).
Where FAS 109 provided for the financial statement recognition of tax attributes, FIN 48 provides specific guidance addressing accounting for the uncertainty of tax positions.
Under a strategic roadmap concept, PMA272 uses the benefits of this attribute to develop waypoints in time to initiate development of future ASE systems that will mitigate an evolving threat.
Specialty papers tend to be more defined by marketing terms (short runs, limited customer base, high margins) than by technical attributes.
However, previous studies have not reported data on possible differences in expertise attribute importance between industries of specialization.
The advantage of this classification is that there is an empirically derived way to determine if an attribute is displaying evaluative or descriptive patterns, rather than relying simply on researcher judgement.
In the Ars compendiosa inveniendi veritatem the number of attributes has been expanded to 16, whereby virtus now is a separate attribute and not anymore a generic term for 'divine attribute'.
For example Age and ZIP attribute set in Table 1(a) is a quasi-identifier which can link the patient dataset to the external dataset and reveal some private information.
That's right you just add the attribute from the admin, and you can start entering data for products using this new attribute.
how important each attribute is related to the concept of prayer).
Under IRC [section] 381(a), the tax attribute carryover rules apply to any transaction to which IRC [section] 361 applies.