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Khaffaf said in a brief statement to the media in Najaf, "After spreading what is attributed to me on Twitter, I would like to emphasize that I do not have any pages on Twitter, Facebook or other social media, and any words attributed to me in this context is fabricated,"
The former interior minister denied comments attributed to him relating to former premier Nawaz Sharif.
Tong, "Attributed based access control (ABAC) for web services," in Proceedings of the Web Services, pp.
This study aimed to describe the disability prevalence rates attributed to mental disorders, their distribution by sociodemographic factors, and utilizations of service.
Among the attributes quoad Deum there are classic divine properties such as infinity (infinitas), eternity (aetemitas), unity (unitas), wisdom {sapientia), goodness {bonitas), and perfection {perfectio) that are attributed to the divine being also by other philosophers and Christian thinkers.
The increase in time is due to the increase in the processing due to the retrieval of large number of results from the web service repository, while the stabilization can be attributed to the second phase which shortlists the services based on bounds (-10 to +10).
Lot 4: Masonry / Freestone / Plastering / Tiling (attributed)
thanking God, listening, comfort) are most commonly attributed to the concept of prayer.
Summary: The Army Command-General Directorate released a statement Monday rejecting quotes attributed to Military Intelligence Director Edmond Fadel.
The results indicate the importance attributed to skills and attributes by tourism managers ranged from 3.18 to 4.86, with 4.26 as the mean value.
With no regard to the shown hierarchy, the client is attributed all types and kinds of clients that they have on a lower level.
Now, if certain particularities such as ignorance or temporal and spatial limitations--exclusive to the material domain--are attributed to the lower levels, it must be understood that these attributes are not based on the positive and existential aspects of the lower levels.