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Although these predicates, considered gnoseologically, are first found in the creature, they can only prevail as divine perfections, because they are attributed to God in their highest degree, and thus free from any form of only contingent realization.
thanking God, listening, comfort) are most commonly attributed to the concept of prayer.
The devastating 2004 hurricane season can only partially be attributed to climate change, experts say.
In year 2, the P group sustained a $200 CNOL, attributed as follows: $90 to P, $70 to S1 and $40 to S2.
coffee companies, I find fault with much of the premise of Joshua Kurlantzick's article on the current crisis affecting the global coffee industry, "Coffee Snobs Unite," but I am particularly concerned about his use of quotes attributed to me.
Cleo's decline can, I believe, be attributed to more than her "mistakenly look[ing] to high living" (Rodgers 170).
The phrase "knowledge discovery in databases" is attributed to a 1989 workshop on KDD (Fayyad, 1996).
They attributed this latter finding, a "mapping effect," to proactive interference.
If the customers become frustrated or dissatisfied with the complexity, a large variety or customization strategy obviously would not be a competitive advantage: research shows that dissatisfaction with the shopping process is attributed largely to the retailer, which can ultimately impact store traffic and the percentage of customers who make a purchase (Fitzsimons, Greenleaf, and Lehmann, 1997).