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0000 Table 2: Causal Attribution and Polarization of News in a Good Year 2003 Pos.
The revised Attribution Scale (AS) (Meyer & Taylor, 1986; Arata & Burkhart, 1996) was used to assess internal and external causal attributions with respect to participants' most serious or upsetting experience of sexual coercion.
A cross-sectional analysis of students in each wave showed that the mean academic achievement among those with effort attribution was higher than that of students with non-effort attribution; the mean academic achievement of students with ability attribution was higher than that of students with non-ability attribution; the mean academic achievement of students with other attribution (e.
The Ministry of Communication Technologies indicates that the decree 2009-283 dated February 2, 2009 sets the terms and attribution procedures for a 2 nd and 3 rd generation public network telecommunications licence.
Performance attribution analysis examines differences in performance between an actively managed portfolio and a benchmark.
The report--Performance Measurement and Attribution Systems; A Vendor Review--examines the current state of the performance measurement and attribution market, as well as the vendors that offer such systems.
However, the attribution rules explicitly do not apply to trusts described under Sec.
With respect to attributions, an important issue is the target of the attribution, or the person about whose behavior an attribution is made, in that there are asymmetries in attributions one makes about oneself and others (Weary et al.
Infernotions' Revenue Attribution solution gives clear and unbiased guidance to marketing executives on the effectiveness of their marketing and where to spend next.
20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- ThinkVine, a leading cross-channel marketing attribution and optimization company, announced today the release of its digital attribution module.
adjust is a leading business intelligence platform for mobile app marketers, combining attribution for advertising sources with advanced analytics and store statistics.