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Through our partnership with AppsFlyer, we offer a sophisticated analytics and attribution solution that equips our clients with accurate measurements for their app user re-engagement campaigns.
adjust's mobile measurement platform enables advanced measurement and attribution mechanisms for our mobile app retargeting campaigns providing superior business intelligence to our clients.
Research has shown that responsibility attributions are often driven by partisan motives (e.
The explanations that people assign to outcomes are termed attributions, and these attributions can influence emotions, decisions, expectations, and behaviors (Allen, Coffee, & Greenlees, 2012).
Attributions are among the cognitive constructs making up the individual's own model of symptoms and illness (Senesky, 1997).
Several models have been developed from this idea, which attempt to explain the process by which these attributions are made both in the case of self attribution (e.
In this last example, it is also worth noting that the entire quotation with the attributions is set off in the text with lines.
By and large, research on the use of self-serving attributions is based on psychological theories that postulate either motivational or informational explanations for this organizational behavior.
Therefore, in this study we assessed both internal attributions (the cognitive component of self-blame) and guilt feelings (the affective component of self-blame).
Although previous research has shown that attributions of achievement outcomes influence academic achievements (Anderson, 1983; Schunk, 1982; Weiner, 1986, 2000), and educational expectations can predict future academic achievements (Bui, 2007; Sanders, Field, & Diego, 2001), only a few studies have explored the predictive value of achievement attributions and educational expectations on the academic achievements of adolescents and examined their long-term effects on their academic development.
With respect to attributions, an important issue is the target of the attribution, or the person about whose behavior an attribution is made, in that there are asymmetries in attributions one makes about oneself and others (Weary et al.
Attributions for good and poor calibrators were compared to identify possible distinctions between these groups.