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In the innovation implementation context, attributions to intentionality trigger employees' sensemaking of the organization's innovation adoption.
We thus proposed that employee innovation attributions to different intentionalities indirectly affect innovation effectiveness by shaping implementation behavior.
Heider (1958) introduced attributions as the process in which people consider a perceived cause of behavior and its result.
Kelley (1973) summarized and integrated the emerging research regarding attribution theory prompted by Heider's (1958) work and noted that attributions pertain to both social perception (i.e., causal statements made in an attempt to explain others' behavior) and self-perception (i.e., causal statements made in an attempt to explain one's own behavior).
Experimental evidence in the context of two-sided messaging, corrective advertising, and ad claim substantiation supports a moderating role of external attributions as predicted by the discounting principle (Dyer and Kuehl 1978; Eisend 2010; Sheffet 1983).
While Burby was one of the main stationers involved in the publication of commercial plays during the 1590s, responsible for playbooks such as Orlando Furioso (1594, 1599), Mother Bombie (1594, 1598), The Cobbler's Prophecy (1594), The Taming of a Shrew (1594), and the second edition of Romeo and Juliet (1599), his dramatic output does not prioritize Shakespeare's plays nor authorial attributions. Aside from Love's Labour's Lost, his only other play to contain a title-page attribution is The Cobbler's Prophecy (to "Robert Wilson, Gent."), and, significantly, the full attribution in Love's Labour's Lost reads "Newly corrected and augmented | By W.
Keywords: Attributions, beliefs, internal, external, effort, Punjab, Pakistan
Et Besbes de rajouter que prevoir des dispositions sur la police fiscale est en profonde harmonie avec le souci legislatif d'augmenter les moyens d'administration, de controle et de lutte contre la fraude fiscale, mais le probleme se pose au niveau des attributions de cette police.
As the global leader in advanced marketing analytics software with the industrys only holistic planning and attribution solution, Neustar MarketShare will enable Standard Life to evaluate and understand the true value of its marketing spend.
Despite the fact that this claim was unsuccessful, the confirmation of the duty of care in Thwaytes does show that in theory at least, the courts are prepared to find an attribution negligent where an auction house does not meet this standard of care when making such attribution; thus there is some advancement from the position in earlier cases such as Leaf, Harlingdon and Luxmoore-May where judges appeared to show reluctance to subject attributions to an objective duty of care at all.
Research has shown that responsibility attributions are often driven by partisan motives (e.g., Atkeson, and Maestas 2012; Brown 2010; Maestas et al.
Although little is known about the processes by which participant and team attributions emerge, it seems that personality, experience, and intergroup relationships act as precursors to athlete attributions (Allen et al., 2012; Heider, 1958).