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From the results in Tables 9 and 10, we can see that terrific is also more frequently attested in attributive position in Contemporary British and American English, thus preceding a nominal element, but its frequency in predicative position has risen with respect to the previous period scrutinized.
This also shows that the negative loading features of present tense and attributive adjectives are being used.
The study results show that in the MG there was a significant prevalence of harmful sociocognitive skills, such as the use of attributive styles that are based on reporting causes of events as external, in line with what has been observed in other studies (e.
They show a strong preference for attributive position and belong to all the patterns described in Section 2.
The results showed that attributive charisma has a positive relationship with organizational innovation ([beta]= 0.
Lastly, having recorded the class teachers' perception of the relationship experienced with each pupil, the connections will be highlighted between relational quality and attributive style found in subjects with or without SLD (with equal or opposite school achievement).
In descending order, students provided answers that indicated understanding of the expectative component (n = 182, 89%), the attributive component (n = 166, 81%), and the affective component (n = 160, 78%) of the perception process.
we never answer ourselves rightly and honestly and sometimes we motivate ourselves either with some authoritative phrases or complimenting words such as we know it, shut up or be shot down, you Khartoumers Talkative guys (Khartoumers is an attributive to South Sudanese Who return from Khartoum-Sudan), a new born child needs some time to walk on its own legs without falling here and there, Motivations and dictations finish, we listen attentively with our two years on one hand while keep questioning on another hand including our motivators (The authoritarians) unconsciously about the past wrong actions and the current wrong deeds.
in the attributive study, The rules and guidelines in the field of human resource development in the public sector analyzed.
Specific essays consider Thucydides' concept of "learning through history," the function and distribution of character judgments in the histories, the presence of the past in Thucydides, transformations of the landscape in Thucydides, Thuycdides and the masses, Thucydides and indirect discourse, narrative modes, attributive discourses, and more.
I have added 'frequent use in attributive position' and 'combination with adverbs of degree' in the overview, but one could argue that these are not valid criteria (at least not in the way they have been used in the literature).
The author discerns four categories of ekphrasis in literature and film: attributive ekphrasis, depictive ekphrasis, interpretive ekphrasis and dramatic ekphrasis, and examines how do these categories affect the interpretation of the work of art: "In so far as ekphrasis can be said to be a self-reflective genre, to what degree are the four categories self-referential, and what role does the paragon play in visual, filmic ekphrasis?