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Intervention is provided as early as possible to enable formation of therapeutic relationships, provision of vital information about the importance of early relationships and promotion of attunement and sensitive caregiving.
Mindfulness helps the client to develop unconscious attentional attunement to parts of the body or the breath.
75) We should be able to realize more concretely what this rather abstract formulation means by looking back to section 40, where Heidegger treats one exceptional case of unveiling, where the deep seated attunement known as Angst brings about the decisive unveiling of the self and, in unity with that, the decisive unveiling of the world.
the attunement which is able to hold open the constant and absolute threat to itself arising from the ownmost individualized being of Dasein is anxiety.
Each Focusing and art session began with a brief 3 minute attunement designed to bring awareness into the woman's body; particularly into to the core area of the body which includes the throat, chest, stomach, and belly.
In addition to exploring tedium, The Hunchback Variations also enacts, in a series of exchanges using sounds and silences as well as dialogue, the aspiration towards attunement, and thus play with the tension between attunement and the drag of tedium.
The results of this study identified several important components of effective member care practices: (a) agency attunement to missionary needs, (b) agency provision for missionary needs, (c) invested church partnership, (d) the impact of relationships, (e) missionaries' self-care, and (f) consistency of care across the missionary life-cycle.
Bishop's painting, these works suggest, is a continually improvised art of calibration and attunement, in which the slightest displacements appear surprisingly consequent.
Before that, they argue, evolution brought hunter-gatherers into fine, healthy attunement with their natural environs; afterward, Homo sapiens became more sedentary, and we began to eat things (especially starches and sugars) that wreaked havoc on our bodies.
Four sub-themes from the concept are used in the data analysis: attunement, developing trust, egalitarian power sharing and achieving common ground.
This involves balancing such goods as self-expression, responsibility to others, joyfulness, commitment, attunement to reality and openness to new (often revelatory) experiences.
A negative feeling (antipathy) and a negative-value judgement (blame) stand in the way and threaten attunement and understanding.