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Conrad's fog is not something that can be decoded or cleared up, as is the case in many Victorian novels; it must be sensed from within through processes of affective and bodily attunement. The novella also does not build towards the conclusive clearing of fog in accordance with a turning point or revelation in the plot, but makes use of envelopment itself.
Following rice, I have gathered three analytical lenses, namely the longue duree of becoming, recursive attunements of belonging, and encounters that constitute a manifold.
As an alternative to psychoanalytic mirror theories, neuroscientific notions of mirror neurons and rational testing of cognition, Chapter 4 argues instead for a communitarian ethics of attunement and resonance.
It must be admitted that Heidegger's account of our attunements, which takes "being-at" as the "basic state" or "primary mode" of "being-in"--so that humans are fundamentally engaged with things pragmatically--is, to be sure, an assumption that makes the utilitarian mode of engagement in effect the "default mode." But I think this is obviously true.
Leaders who learn to explore 'engendered attunements' in themselves and others can move toward creating new and safer spaces for learning to learn together by establishing an ethic of remaining present to emotion's shaping and reflecting powers in lived experiences in schools.
The ideal is one of harmonious attunement of the individual and the natural cosmic environment.
In this part of the paper I take on board Boss' ideas--especially the distinctions between the waking and the dreaming mode of being--and continue with Heidegger (3), attempting to make sense of bad dreams in light of what he termed as Befindlichkeit: our mood and attunement to life.
The Twelve Attunements is an entertaining novel that weaves together ideas about spiritual transformation, cosmology and the possibilities of human consciousness in a compelling space opera conspiracy-fuelled adventure that will entertain all ages.
The attainment of authenticity is not the attainment of any particular (authentic) state of being, since attunement to the way things are is not a fixed state but a process, a flux, a wonderment and, perhaps, a spontaneous gratitude for existence as it is.
According to Pinar, the experience of the painting, composed of seemingly disparate and randomly intersecting lines of paint, draws the spectator as participant into the "aesthetic experience," an experience of attunement and truth-happening in a register beyond the bounds of the purely cognitive.
In what may be considered a controversial move, especially now, (1) I make the case that a valuable resource for understanding the ontological dimension of oppression is Martin Heidegger's account of attunement (Befindlichkeit).
I want to reflect on how strangers become moody figures, those who are not attuned, or who get in the way of attunement. And finally, I will ask questions about how national moods are generated with reference to the creation of strangers, or those we can call 'affect aliens', estranged by virtue of how they are affected.