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Soulillume offers energy healing products and healers that provide energetic healing including Reiki for humans and pets, violet flame and golden light healing, intuitive healing, massage healing, channeling, chakra balancing, crystal healing, external and internal energetic extractions of unneeded entities and blocks, channeling, psychic readings, spiritual guidance sessions and energy healing courses which include, Chakra Balancing workshops, Reiki Circles, Meditation Circles, Reiki Level 1, 2 and Master Attunements.
For shared leadership to breathe new life into whole school renewal, all leaders, including and especially the principal need to maintain a focus on the moment-to-moment emotional attunements that define experiences in spite of cognitive constructions and beliefs that may coexist along side of these.
Services that will continue to be offered to clients are Reiki treatments and attunements, massage therapy--now with a Hawaiian theme by Emily "Kalehua" Baker, astrology charts with Tammie Ohman-Knell, and tarot card readings by Dennis Weddle.
What we are hoping to do is to go on to teach aromatherapy and other techniques as well as reiki attunements," said Marie, who is just back from a trip to India.