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The atypicality effect discussed is derived primarily from a study by Haurin that examined the effect of marketing time on value; see Donald Haurin, "The Duration of Marketing Time of Residential Housing," AREUEA Journal 16, no.
Another theoretical mechanism pertinent to cosmic atypicality is string theory.
Like Starson's concessions, which took his own condition to be a much less severe kind of atypicality, T.
Male-To Female Transgender Youth Gender Expression Milestones, Gender Atypicality, Victimization, and Parents/ Responses.
Overall, correlations indicated that the screener was particularly good at predicting future teacher ratings of conduct problems, atypicality, and social skills; future indices of school maladjustment, special education placement, and referral for prereferral intervention; and reading and mathematics grades and standardized test scores.
In addition to these more general risk factors, researchers have identified how sexual-minority youth also face distinctive risk factors such as a lack of family acceptance, age at which they come out or disclose their non-heterosexual orientation, gender atypicality, and bullying or conflict because of their perceived sexual orientation or gender identity (Friedman, Koeske, Silvestre, Korr, & Sites, 2006; Remafedi, 1994).
11) This approach seeks to be less concerned with gender atypicality than both the traditional therapeutic and accommodation approaches are, and most concerned with the child's and family's functioning.
i,t] = a measure of the atypicality of the ith property (19)
In addition to the degree of differentiation (which reflects the extent of keratinization of tumor cells), the biologic behavior of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma is also influenced by the degree of tumor cell atypicality, the depth of tumor penetration, the architectural pattern of invasion, and whether perineural tumor invasion is present.
In the past two decades, historians have unearthed a rich history of gender atypicality across time and cultures: cross-dressing mollies in Georgian England, shamanistic berdache in the Americas, masculine New Women in the late Victorian age, etc.
Atypicality of norms for the Strong Interest Inventory.
Although these alternatives are intended to depathologize gender atypicality, their narrow concern with establishing atypical anatomy as acceptable continues to mark differences of gender and genitalia as the primary problem of intersex conditions.