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The least amount of empirical work has been conducted with atypically developing adults and young children.
We consider that patients with high risk for ureteral injury are those with a large median lobe, a ureter orifice that is atypically close to the bladder neck, a large ureterocele, a severe ureteral kink, and a history of pelvic radiotherapy or transurethral resection of the prostate.
In particular age groups and depending on the anatomical position of appendix, it may present atypically, either in the form of abscesses in soft tissues, appendicular masses or lead to intestinal obstruction, which may result in high morbidity and prolonged hospital stay.
The patient studied here had an atypically severe MFS, according Tiecke et al (6), in which the clinical peculiarities are the extraordinary early manifestations of severe aortic anomalies, leading to aneurysm development in the first years of life, together with the relatively early, but severely evolving ophthalmologic anomalies, in a sporadic case.
ALEPPO/BEIRUT/WASHINGTON: Atypically fierce fighting hit Syria's Aleppo Thursday as accusations arose of government forces unleashing a deadly chemical attack in the embattled city.
On the one hand, the category benefited from the recovery of vitamins, the result of the atypically cold temperatures of the winter.
USPRwire, Fri Dec 04 2015] A positive economic situation boosted consumer confidence and facilitated volume increases in the beverage industry despite an atypically cold July, and an average August and September.
Their topics include the perils of using electrical stimulation to change human brains, the effects of transcranial electrical stimulation on sensory functions, high-level cognitive functions in healthy subjects, transcranial electrical stimulation to enhance cognitive abilities in the atypically developing brain, and the neuroethics of transcranial electrical stimulation.
On Friday, the standard of play was not as high as in the past, indeed Djokovic was atypically enigmatic and lacking in vigour, though there were flashes of genius, with both applauding shots that were simply too good for their opponent.
With qualities typical of all human beings, this everyman longs for love and a relationship with his estranged son in this atypically unglamorous depiction of the streets of Paris.
Both are atypically low numbers friendly to small and medium size investors.
Children were divided into three groups: DSM-5, DSM-IV-TR only, and atypically developing/non-ASD.