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PS3,000 goes u hamm ellery based Auctio Mond Mar ston, antiq art a said: ter not bec h e mbbw Mark Huddleston, head of antiques & fine art at Fellows, said: "The letter is moving not only because of its heartfelt message but also because it would have been the last ever written by her.
Things reach an unexpected peak when Cass is sold off to the highest bidder in a charity slave auctio, with all three of the men who cross her path in the running.
Broadcast International (BULLETIN BOARD: BCST) today announced it has entered into an agreement with Dallas-based Auctio LLC to provide a satellite network for live auctions.
Broadcast International (BI) will provide a private satellite network throughout the United States and Canada allowing Auctio to conduct live auctions putting buyers and sellers together without leaving their homes or offices, using the Internet or touch-tone telephone to place bids.
BI selected Echostar's DISH Network to provide the satellite equipment and broadcasting platform for the new Auctio auction network.
We are very pleased to partner with Auctio to bring live auctions throughout North America to its customers," said Rod Tiede, president and CEO of Broadcast International.
A BI sponsored weblink will be provided for Auctio clients to receive information on upcoming auctions and to place orders for SuperDISH installation.
We auction items from art to airplanes, heavy equipment to hotels, tractors to trophy real estate," said Dave Dinwoodie, president and CEO of Auctio.
People interested in participating can order an installation of the SuperDISH equipment from BI through the Auctio website at http://www.
Smith sold the car at auctios n in 1975, and in more recent years it has spent 12 years on display in a German museum - where it was presented as Liberace's car.