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The presence in the description of the name or other sections of the trade and procurement procedure of the word "Auctio
507-510, del ano 196 o 191, dice: Ea conportaturpraeda, utfiat auctio publicitus.
In 2013, an example of this rare action figure fetched ( AaAaAeAe[pounds sterling]10,200 at auctio
Catalogus librorum tam antiquorum quam recentium in omni facultate insignium, quorum auctio (in gratiam & commodum celeberrimae academiae Oxoniensis) Oxoniae habenda est Novemb.
My discussion will be focused on the second of those dialogues (Vitarum Auctio), and will be inspired by the main analytic tools now available to marketing experts.
PS3,000 goes u hamm ellery based Auctio Mond Mar ston, antiq art a said: ter not bec h e mbbw Mark Huddleston, head of antiques & fine art at Fellows, said: "The letter is moving not only because of its heartfelt message but also because it would have been the last ever written by her.
Similarly, from buxus 'box wood', you had sorticula buxea 'slate made of box wood' and auctio buxiaria 'box wood auction'.
It also asked the DoT to provide information about the operators, whose licence were canclled in February 2012, participated in the recent auctio.
116-8) est auctio: nunquam post prehendas (205-7) (pero un ave cautiva, aunque este cautiva, aunque ninguna posibilidad de huida se le presente, sin embargo es libre de espiritu.
Things reach an unexpected peak when Cass is sold off to the highest bidder in a charity slave auctio, with all three of the men who cross her path in the running.
SITTING COMFORTABLY: A statue up for auction,and sale room manager Dave Owens Pictures: COLIN LANE; CARVING:One of the pipes to be sold at auctio; UNUSUAL: The collection includes a number of figures
419- "On public procurement of goods, works, services" the participant must provide: - a copy of the certificate of state registration; - information on financial condition and solvency as of the date of submission of the offer by the participant for participation in the auctio