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AUCTIONEER, contracts, commerce. A person authorized by law to sell the goods of others at public sale.
     2. He is the agent of both parties, the seller and the buyer. 2 Taunt. 38, 209 4 Greenl. R. 1; Chit. Contr. 208.
     3. His rights are, 1. to charge a commission for his services; 2. be has an interest in the goods sold coupled with the possession; 3. he has a lien for his commissions; 4. he may sue the buyer for the purchase-money.
     4. He is liable, 1. to the owner for a faithful discharge of his duties in the sale, and if he gives credit without authority, for the value of the goods; 2. he is responsible for the duties due to the government; 3. he is answerable to the purchaser when he does not disclose the name of the principal; 4. be may be sued when he sells the goods of a third person, after notice not to sell them. Peake's Rep. 120; 2 Kent, Com. 423, 4; 4 John. Ch. R. 659; 3 Burr. R. 1921;.2 Taunt. R. 38; 1, Jac. & Walk. R. 350; 3 V. & B. 57; 13 Ves. R. 472; 1 Y. & J. R. 389; 5 Barn, & Ald. 333; 1 H. Bl. 81; 7 East, R. 558; 4 B. & Adolph. R. 443; 7 Taunt. 209; 3 Chit. Com. L. 210; Story on Ag. Sec. 27 2 Liv. Ag. 335 Cowp. 395; 6 T. R. 642; 6 John. 194; Bouv. Inst. Index, h.t.

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In 2005, he graduated from the World Champion College of Auctioneering in Bakersfield, Calif.
Pim's son Alastair, who has stepped into his father's shoes as the master of Anngrove Stud and as an auctioneer at Tattersalls, said yesterday: "He brought theatre to the sales ring, and people who were not directly involved with the sale would come up to Park Paddocks just to hear him auctioneering.
"It is an entry level qualification, broadly level three on the national qualifications framework, and provides a thorough grounding in the techniques of auctioneering and in the legal framework within which auctioneers must operate.
The sale was completed yesterday, for an undisclosed sum, adding to the H&H Group portfolio of companies and establishing it as one of the foremost auctioneering businesses in the North of England and the South of Scotland.
Knowing what you're selling is imperative to become a top-flight auctioneer; although proficient in most categories of auctioneering, Cheechov counts livestock and heavy equipment among his specialties.
"We do benefit from the BBC connection - it's like having a rubber stamp of approval on your forehead." Mr Farmer, from Derbyshire, trained as a jeweller in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter before moving into auctioneering and valuing.
Property Partners - the name of the new grouping which represents some of Ireland's top auctioneering firms - said it was a major first for Ireland.''
The elder Nicholls went on to graduate from the Reisch Auctioneering School —now the World Wide College of Auctioneering in Mason City, Iowa — and then founded his Fredericksburg, Va., auction with wife Jean in 1968.
One sold the world record-breaking Limousin bull Fabio for 120,000 guineas at Carlisle earlier this year, and all three are being fast-tracked to become experts in the field of pedigree auctioneering.
Auctioneering firms usually operate from 9am to 5.30pm, Monday to Saturday.