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The artists partner with Audacious Endeavors to offer pieces to present at the conscious art gatherings.
The teachings of the Buddha and Jesus and the Declaration of Independence are audacious in the extreme.
Be Audacious features stories of grit and scrappiness that are required for overcoming adversity; the vulnerability needed at the heart of authentic leadership; purposeful, sustainable passion as keys that unlock potential; and the planning needed for big dreams.
The relationships formed in Audacious set the stage for Capricious, and book two relies heavily on the reader being familiar with past events.
AUDACIOUS KIDNAP: Shannon Matthews (left) and her mother Karen Matthews and Michael Donovan who were found guilty of kidnapping her
Ten winning submissions from a pool of nearly 500 entries have been selected by the National Eye Institute (NEI), part of the National Institutes of Health, for its Audacious Goals challenge, a nationwide competition for compelling, one-page ideas to advance vision science.
I made an audacious bid for Robbie Fowler but it didn't come off," he said.
Founder of the charity, Andy Preston, also based at Boho One with his company Green Lane Capital, has now enlisted the financial support of three other companies based there - Audacious, Calm Digital, and Thap.
Summary: Sven-Goran Eriksson has denied that Leicester will make an audacious attempt to sign David Beckham.
The audacious idea came after talks with the head of Russia's statecontrolled Gazprom gas supply company, and at the end of another day in which Gazprom says Ukraine "refused to transit Russian gas to Europe through its export pipelines.
1 : very bold and daring : fearless <She made an audacious decision to quit her job and try acting.
Summary: Gabon hailed on Friday the Moroccan Sahara proposal, deeming it "not only courageous and audacious, but also realistic.