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Also, when discords, and quarrels, and factions are carried openly and audaciously, it is a sign the reverence of government is lost.
Sir John Suckling, a handsome and capricious representative of all the extravagances of the Court set, with whom he was enormously popular, tossed off with affected carelessness a mass of slovenly lyrics of which a few audaciously impudent ones are worthy to survive.
I looked through the window, and saw the World, the Flesh, and the Devil waiting before the house-- as typified in a carriage and horses, a powdered footman, and three of the most audaciously dressed women I ever beheld in my life.
In the course of your personal interview with me, you audaciously referred to my late daughter's parentage on the father's side, as if that parentage was a matter of doubt.
The men replied audaciously, they should be starved if they stayed here, for they could not work, and would not work, and they could but be starved abroad; and if they were murdered, there was an end of them; they had no wives or children to cry after them; and, in short, insisted importunately upon their demand, declaring they would go, whether they gave them any arms or not.
She was audaciously prejudiced in my favour, and quite unable to understand why I should have any misgivings, or be low-spirited about it.
She now stood audaciously in front of the chevalier, who, having fathomed in his day many other mysteries in minds that were far more wily, took in the situation at a single glance.
That any person or persons audaciously presuming to trespass on this property will be punished with the utmost severity of private chastisement and prosecuted with the utmost rigour of the law.
On the contrary, the fury of the old spinster was beyond bounds, when she found what was Rebecca's situation, and how audaciously she had made use of Miss Crawley's name, to get an entree into Parisian society.
He joins the ranks of Davido and Wizkid, who've audaciously ventured into new global markets.
He will add: "Far from the pledged investment of an extra PS350million per week, audaciously plastered on buses, the reality is we've been cheated with the opposite - a deep freeze in NHS spend, continued savage austerity cuts, with politicians turning a blind eye to the spiralling pressures affecting the health and social-care system.
Members of the trendy YouTube channel Braille Skateboarding audaciously filmed themselves trying out the skateboard in one of their videos for their 'You Make It, We Skate It' online series.