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In Anything we Love and in Daughter of Isis, both Walker and El Saadawi explicate some womanist traits outlined in Walker's definition: the interest in worldwide women's issues, audaciousness and the womanist global struggle of tackling universal women's problems.
We are excited about The People's Challenge in Las Vegas, as we will have the opportunity to celebrate the audaciousness and originality of SMIRNOFF enthusiasts around the world.
In its audaciousness, the pseudo-scholarly paratext of Andrew of Padua goes a step beyond the convention of the fictional editor as commonly used in late-eighteenth-century novels, important as this convention is to what the hidden author is doing.
Her vision as a writer emphasizes that exposure; fortitude and audaciousness are the ergonomic designs that can rupture these tensions.
and to avow the corruption of its motives with a profligate audaciousness which had never been heard before.
It is hard to recapture the rigidity of the Greenbergian gospel of the time or the audaciousness of this book in the face of it.
While Mr Burnham practises how to give such an assurance in a way that impresses for its accuracy as much as its audaciousness, his audience will reflect on other realities.
Gregorio de Mattos Guerra (1636-1696), known as the "mouth of hell," was exiled to Angola (then under Portuguese control) in 1681 for the audaciousness of his poems.
we can all feel happily taken in by the audaciousness of his fraud.
I think the idea that a few young men could have brought government to its knees and the sheer audaciousness of the attempt has attracted historians and it is something the children have latched onto and it stays with them.
Arnold's audaciousness was preceded by the shocking actions of that well-known right-wing nut, Maria Shriver.
Behind this simple statement lurked a tremendous sense of the cook's authority verging on audaciousness.