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This singular audaciousness on part of judiciary suggests that a benighted time of our judiciary marked by undue judicial restraint, subservience to executive and power hungry junta is over.
Guardians of conventional respectability may find its audaciousness disturbingly unorthodox.
Even the masque acknowledges the transgression of "custom" this union of a countess and her page entails, and the endeavor had already been condemned in earlier scenes as "prodigious audaciousness," and an Icarian "flight beyond your wing": "Desire, mounted on the wings of it, descends not but headlong" (2.4.201, 2.3.95, 3.1.35-36).
Both possess a trick and can make fans drool at their audaciousness.
While it may be easy to dismiss such a daring vision, Facebook's nearly two billion monthly active users -- not including users of its other social networks -- give credibility to the company's audaciousness.
(30) The audaciousness of the attacks may also help to divert attention from the Islamic State's losses in Iraq and Syria and demonstrate that it remains a relevant and viable force.
should be lauded for its audaciousness, ambition, and coherence.
They include bravery; strength of will to assert oneself; disdain for the approval of others; a dominating spirit exemplified by Julius Caesar and Napoleon; audaciousness; hardness to the suffering of others or oneself; a great multiplicity of powerful drives; a capacity for injustice, falsehood, exploitation.
Self-certainty is frequently defined as audaciousness in one's beliefs, this suggests that SC may be closely associated to certainty than assurance in healthy participants, in that whilst overconfidence is maladaptive, high certainty may be a competent cognitive approach to making decisions.
There is something sophomoric about these works, but they also exhibit an audaciousness in execution that sets Takata apart from more convention-bound peers.
Atkins' audaciousness marks him as a filmmaker to watch, but few can be expected to pick up this calling card.
Because, while it may have only been four years ago, the crazy creative grandeur and eye-popping audaciousness of the London Olympics' opening ceremony, which this making-of documentary chronicled, might just as well have taken place on the moon or been cooked up during some particularly lurid fever dream.