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Once only did he attempt a stroke of audacity, one early morning, with a steady breeze, entering a crowded roadstead.
To counteract the audacity of this proceeding he led her to a bamboo sofa in a less secluded part of the conservatory, and sitting down beside her broke a lily-of-the-valley from her bouquet.
He made a great show of lavishing wealth upon the woman of brilliance and audacity.
'Pardon me, dear madam,' said she, laughingly throwing herself into my arms, and kissing me with playful affection; but I felt a tear on my neck, as she dropped her head on my bosom and continued, with an odd mixture of sadness and levity, timidity and audacity, - 'I know you are not so happy as I mean to be, for you spend half your life alone at Grassdale, while Mr.
"We had an example of his readiness of resource that morning when he got away from us so successfully, and also of his audacity in sending back my own name to me through the cabman.
The name of the man who had the audacity to put a ring on your finger!"
The accused continues as a BJP legislator, and the BJP State Government has the audacity to run a "bhymukt uttr prdesh" campaign???
Here is a fun project you can do using the program Audacity, a free DAW--digital audio workstation--that allows for tremendous audio editing possibilities.
Later the frustrated lady expressed her intense objection to the 'audacity' of the maid!
A person who has the audacity to raise his hand against a woman should not be spared.
Most of the media, with the exception of Manila Chronicle and the Philippines Free Press, did not believe that Marcos had the audacity to implement Martial Law.
Kirby Larson's Audacity Jones to the Rescue (9780545840569, $16.99) tells of a girl who longs for adventure as she wiles away too many boring hours at Miss Maisie's School for Wayward Girls.