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Audibility and identification of auditory alarms in the operating room and intensive care unit.
04), and audibility was more positively linked to visitor experience and appreciation in urban settings (z = 3.
A proposed alternative to A-weighting is to use G-weighted measurements, a weighting curve based on the human audibility curve below 20 Hz and with a steep cutoff above 20 Hz (Salt & Kaltenbach, 2011).
The participants described the operation, data entry, and audibility of the device when used indoors positioned on a table as good, but more difficult outdoors when the device was hanging.
But this new voice, like all new voices, can never be a mere synthesis of the voices from which it emerges: the catalytic voices continue to resound within their progeny and to contest with it for audibility in the social body they share.
We performed SII calculations on the average probe-microphone data to determine whether significant differences in audibility were present between experimental conditions.
Audibility and clarity of articulation would be critical features of BBC announcing, for example.
Scientific rigor was achieved through credibility, audibility, and fittingness (LoBiondo-Wood & Haber, 2005).
A specific historical conception including a special relation between composer and performer, literacy and audibility, and between content and context of music developed in the Age of Enlightenment.
He said that the fire appliance had its klaxons sounding and lights flashing but it was a windy day and the audibility of the klaxons might have been affected.
This significant and exciting technology, called an Audibility Extender, is now available only in one hearing instrument in the world--the Widex Inteo.