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the range of audible sound for the human ear - as low as 1.
They are sensitive to gravitational waves in roughly the same frequency range as audible sound waves, and can be thought of as a microphone to gravitational waves.
I think there should be a signal of an audible sound to let the passengers know the bus is about to move off.
BOLT spokesman Matt Wright told members at Kirklees Council's full council meeting they would generate 10 decibels of noise - doubling the normal audible sound.
In the preceding lines Barbara Maloutas exemplifies the best qualities of her collection The Whole Marie: playful beautifully crafted and intensely aware of both the sight of words on paper and their audible sound.
Then instead of commenting on audible sound nuisance - the aerodynamic "whoomph, whoomph" which some find so painful - he went off at a tangent, denying the effect of infra-sound which I had not mentioned.
There was neither audible sound nor any visual evidence to make the decision anything other than guesswork and, as nothing much had happened in the first 12 overs of the day, it gave an important psychological kick-start to the batting decline that followed.
The DIAGNOdent delivers an audible sound when caries is detected as well as a visual numerical readout quantifying the level of caries present in the tooth.
But to double the rate, when the most audible sound around the country at the moment is the groaning that accompanies every tightening of the belt by another notch?
I've lived with several perfectly normal cats that would open their mouths to meow, but no audible sound would come forth.
These signals are also converted into audible sound through the supplied headphones.
Human beings have always enjoyed a special relationship with the organisation of audible sound we call music.