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The reflected pulses are displayed on a dash mounted LED screen, accompanied by a distinct audible sound.
Set up an observation area for the media to gather that permits a good view of and carries audible sound from the demonstration area.
15 /PRNewswire/ -- Holosonic Research Labs, the pioneer in harnessing ultrasound to create tight, narrow beams of audible sound, is now offering a new, improved version of its Audio Spotlight technology in new 16- and 24-inch square panel formats.
This is the component that is similar in appearance to a thin speaker and actually transmits the incredibly focused beam of ultrasound to create audible sound in air.
ButtKickers are installed directly to the frame of the vehicle, producing no audible sound.
Wagnier noted that "the challenge that Clarity has met, and which has kept the auto industry at bay, is the ability to deliver a clearly audible sound when the auto is surrounded by ear shattering external noises topped off by the roar of the engine.
The system takes the signal off of electrodes that recognize muscle movement, translates and delivers it as audible sound in another language.
Show producers also wanted clear audible sound from front to back without letting the low-end (music) make it past the half way point of the room, which posed another challenge for Forte Pro Audio.
Our HSS emitter allows creation of audible sound without the inherent distortions of prior attempts.
HyperSonic Sound is an award-winning, patented and patents-pending technology in sound reproduction that employs ultrasonic tones in a new process to produce an extremely directional audible sound column in the air.
If there is an object within Back-up Aid's range, the vehicle helps alert the driver with either an audible sound or a combination of an audible sound and a visual LED light alert.
Audible sound exists where the beam encounters a listener or a surface, up to several hundred feet from the source.