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Following a ground-breaking proprietary speaker transducer and chamber re-design, the Pro7827HD powers a 10W speaker to deliver incredibly clear and audible sound for presentations or off the clock home entertainment.
As an illustration of our classification scheme, consider one audible sound location approach [50] in which music playing in a public place (like a mall) is modulated in a different way by each speaker using predefined patterns that are not perceived by humans, so that the mobile receiver identifies the relative intensity of music from each speaker and using triangulation calculates the user location.
In common terms, the Bose Acoustimass home theatre setup nullifies a quarter of the audible sound originally presented by DVDs and CDs.
It's not just the fight of the fish that you feel but it's the visual and usually audible sound that a giant trout makes when he rises to the surface to eat a topwater lure.
He discovered that thin disc when exposed to an interrupted beam of sunlight produces an audible sound in UV and IR electromagnetic spectrum of the sun.
Recording a verdict of accidental death, coroner Karen Dilks said: "The pelican crossing is a light and sound-controlled crossing and pedestrians are safe to cross only when a green man is illuminated and there is audible sound. Ms Gu crossed when it was not so activated, indicating it was not safe to do so.
If there's not much woods noise and the buck is close enough, sometimes a barely audible sound is all you need to make to lock him up.
The receiver converts inaudible ultrasonic sound into audible sound using heterodyne circuitry.
The earpiece and the bottom mounted loudspeaker share a similar story with audible sound cracking on the loudspeaker at high volume.
Even when there is an audible sound, if a driver is listening to loud music or talking on a phone it is easily ignored.
He walked around the Albert Dock at 10.30pm, and was most intrigued by an unidentified, barely audible sound. "It was quiet, as there were very few boats or people.