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I just wanted to learn sign language although I do not know anyone who is audibly impaired," said Zulu, a 17-year-old Nigerian student studying at Gems World Academy.
Lois, my wife of almost 60 years, hasn't talked audibly for about a year.
And it is a great sin of ingratitude not to give it our thanksgiving, audibly, with pensive voice and the mute faith of the senses.
This road should be placed in a cutting with earthen batters and tree-lined over most of its length, particularly to the rear of Park End and over National Trust land between Nunthorpe and Ormesby Hall, rendering it almost invisible audibly and visually.
Evans added: "That is a true story and she said audibly to the guests around her, 'I always try to dance when this song comes on because I am the Queen and I like to dance.
The moonlit River Scheldt in Act II features real water on stage, with waves audibly lapping the shoreline.
Today it sounds more like an old hurdy gurdy, with sticking notes, and wind leaks galore hissing very audibly, the latter despite recent restoration work having been carried out on the winding.
The Ears Sniper Detection System audibly cues soldiers on the direction and distance of hostile fire within a tenth of a second of the first shot, says a spokesman.
Will's spunk and irreverent humor are vividly portrayed, and the depth of his own touching and painful past rings audibly true.
When the nerve at risk is disturbed by the surgeon, the muscle it controls contracts and the nerve monitor amplifies the EMG signal and audibly alerts the surgeon.
These sounds are not only just perceived audibly, but are graphically displayed using dual segment analysis (DSA) technology.
The system gives residents instructions both visibly and audibly and can run in multiple languages.