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AUDIENCE. A hearing. It is usual for the executive of a country to whom a minister has been sent, to give such minister an audience. And after a minister has been recalled, au audience of leave usually takes place.

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But ultimately this method proves valuable-if only because Ruddock is such a good guide to audience studies.
What might be called the "old romantic genius" model described by Apted, in which a visionary creator produces and an audience passively consumes culture as intended, is over.
Interactive audience response systems are transforming business gatherings coast-to-coast.
By including multimedia presentations, for example, you may appeal to an audience that typically is attracted to the visual arts.
The Red River Farm Network has built a strong identity for superserving our audience with news and information relevant to them.
Is the audience brought into the presentation at an emotional level?
Oftentimes they are very profitable movies because the budgets aren't very high; it's a matter of targeting the audience and reaching out to them.
Throughout the show, Ant attempts to shock the audience with statements like, "You know when the black people laugh, that shit's funny," and by quizzing audience members on their penis size, pubic hair grooming practices, and anal sex experiences.
There's an electricity in the air and the audience responds right away.
Muller demonstrated as much with her wry staging, occupying our attention as both protagonist and auteur of her performance without ever physically appearing in front of the audience.
Surprisingly, what people think they must do to "wow" their audience differs sharply from what audience members want.
He is looking for what "hooks and holds" an audience, and, like Burke, he is rightly convinced that the audience gets hooked less from the message itself than from the form in which it is delivered.