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All boys interested in auditioning must download an audition pack from the website waiting forgodot the
All boys interested in auditioning must download the audition pack from www.waitingfor-godottheplay com.
Then she moved to New York and began auditioning. When Radio City's annual call for dancers came up, Franklin was ready.
All children auditioning must live or have housing with an approved guardian in the southern Illinois area during the times of rehearsals and must have transportation to and from the rehearsal spaces in Carbondale.
Young hopefuls have been auditioning for starring roles in a pounds 5m Tyneside-based film.
Auditioning is a good way to get seen by an agent, especially for dancers without access to recommendations.
Completed application and $35 registration fee are due prior to auditioning. Applications can be downloaded at
It's a good idea to research the company or show you are auditioning for.
You can have tons of talent, great technique, and artistry, but if you are not auditioning, the company or school that wants you is never going to know!