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Among the topics are the Thomist debate over inequality and property rights in Depression-era Europe, when personalism met planning: Jacques Maritain and a British Christian intellectual circle 1937-49, psychology from a new-Thomist perspective: the Louvain-Madrid connection, and vetera novis augere: neo-scholastic philosophers and their concept of tradition.
(8) A su vez auctor proviene del verbo augere, que es aumentar, hacer crecer; esta etimologia sugiere que la autoridad es la capacidad de hacer crecer, de promover a los demas.
But auctor is more than this because it also has links to augere, to cause to grow and increase, to augment.
Both "writer" and "author" evolved in part from the Latin "augere" - to increase, to originate - and expanded in "author" to be someone who invents or causes something.
Synopsis: "It is time to drop any illusion of innocence ..." A tumultuous year has passed and life for Jason Sterling has become a series of new discoveries about Augere's past and his Vampire nature, while learning fascinating and disturbing details regarding previous assistants.
Augere Pakistan has become the first Pakistani company to deploy Corporate LTE in 11 cities of Pakistan.
Karachi -- Augere Pakistan has emerged as the first national company to deploy Corporate LTE in 11 cities of the country, meeting high-speed connectivity and data transfer requirements of its corporate and SME clients.
Para Max Weber (Weber, 1983) la dominacion era un tipo de poder, uno que esta imbuido de autoridad; en tanto que esta ultima es eminentemente social, pues describe una relacion entre individuos (autoridad viene del verbo augere, que significa aumentar, y hacia referencia a la garantia que ofrecia el que estaba investido de ella, de aumentar el bienestar de su comunidad).
Na perspectiva dos tribunais superiores, a eficacia dos precedentes assegura uma integridade institucional de todo o Poder Judiciario mediante a investidura daqueles tribunais como autoridade (augere) (64).
Market leader Airtel had been preparing for such an eventuality for 20 months, acquiring smaller players such as Telenor and 4G spectrum or businesses from companies such as Videocon Telecom, Augere Wireless, Aircel and Tikona.