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The product brings together the AUGMENTOR purpose-built augmented reality troubleshooting application developed for the Microsoft HoloLens by Design Interactive and Atheer's AiR Enterprise augmented reality solution for industrial enterprise customers.
However, despite the potential of some small savings in deployed manpower, deployment planning envisaged that the 66-strong cadre would need to be reinforced by up to 350 augmentor personnel to man a stand-alone JFACHQ to support an MSWF operation.
The drawbacks of the mediation approach lie mostly in the area of ease of contributing a new component; whenever a new component is added, a corresponding mediation facility (such as a wrapper or a schema augmentor) needs to be built as well.
Sources sought:f100 augmentor fuel control 2915-01-310-2141 & f100 augmnt fuel pump 2915-01-309-7888
The AETD programme will lead to demonstration testing of an advanced high operating pressure ratio (OPR) core in late 2015, to be followed in 2016 by full engine testing of a three-stream adaptive fan and three-stream compatible augmentor and exhaust system.
A1C Bullock, A1C McKinney, SSgt Kennedy, and TSgt Regan were assigned to an F-16 aircraft tasked to complete an operations checks for an augmentor fuel filter leak check which required a high powered engine run on the trim pad.
Procurement of overhaul services and / or repair of components of the engine Augmentor module F100.
As aircraft 1284 was taxiing out of the cursory check and into the hot pits, TSgt Vazquez noticed an irregularity with the augmentor section.