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Caption: Figure 2 Equinoxe[R] baseplates for eroded glenoids, from left to right: 8[degrees] posterior augment, 10[degrees] superior augment, combined 10[degrees] superior/8[degrees] posterior augment, and +10 mm extended cage peg baseplates (Exactech, Inc.
Table 1 Average Preoperative and Postoperative Outcome Scores, rTSA Patients with Augmented Baseplates SST Preop Augment Avg [+ or -] St Dev 4.
Greater than 15[degrees] retroversion was corrected with 16[degrees] augments.
Caption: Figure 2 Distribution of augments used over range of versions.
Caption: Figure 4 Augments used in actual cases over a range of preoperative versions.
Implant sizes and augment size use can be predetermined, and the decision can be made of whether or not an aTSA or rTSA would be a better option.
wireless assets augments our existing industry-leading wireless distribution products and services, and underscores CI Wireless' goal of delivering wireless solutions to global operators that enhance the performance of their networks and maximize their capital investment," said Dave McKay, president of CI Wireless.
We are honored that the committee selected Augment's technology for this prestigious award," said Laurence Liebson, president and chief executive officer of Augment.
Headquartered in Westford, MA, Augment Systems, Inc.
In addition, Augment said it is aggressively pricing complete systems, starting at just over $50,000, to give more users in a wide range of prepress environments access to its highly efficient approach to Storage Area Networking.
The new Augment AFX 410E Enterprise Storage Server and AFX 410W Workgroup Storage Server retain the high-performance processing and ANSI-standard Fibre Channel-Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL) technology of the original AFX 410 they replace, while featuring new, high-capacity 9-gigabyte disk drives.
With the AFX 410E and AFX 410W, Augment now provides Storage Area Networking solutions for a wide range of prepress establishments," says Doug Gowell, Director of Marketing, Augment.