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Caption: Figure 2 Equinoxe[R] baseplates for eroded glenoids, from left to right: 8[degrees] posterior augment, 10[degrees] superior augment, combined 10[degrees] superior/8[degrees] posterior augment, and +10 mm extended cage peg baseplates (Exactech, Inc.
Table 1 Average Preoperative and Postoperative Outcome Scores, rTSA Patients with Augmented Baseplates SST Preop Augment Avg [+ or -] St Dev 4.
The transition from 8[degrees] to 16[degrees] augment use began at 14[degrees], and by 25[degrees] only 16[degrees] augments were used.
The use of augments was 100% by 14[degrees] retroversion.
According to the company, the AUGMENT treatment is based on its egg precursor cell (EggPC) technology that is being developed to improve egg quality and the success of in vitro fertilization (IVF).