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(And generally, when Dusuns give an example of guidance by auguries, it will be framed in terms of competition or rivalry.) Yet the "morality" or otherwise of an undertaking was not a matter for comment or calculation by the augury--only whether it could safely be ventured or not.
If the product, selling efficiency and timing auguries hue up adjust your lists, geography and creative, and launch.
When speaking about poetry, Ginsberg delights in making connections among creators who are dear to him, linking, for instance, Blake's "Auguries of Innocence" and Williams's "Red Wheelbarrow." Such observations, scattered throughout these interviews, form a picture of a secret, idiosyncratic great tradition, beginning in ancient Gnostic sources and moving through Blake, Whitman, Pound, William Carlos Williams, Robert Johnson, Charlie Parker, the Beats, and Bob Dylan.
As to the effectiveness of the newly empowered regions, the auguries are not so good.
As with her Cleopatra, initial auguries weren't necessarily great insofar as Dench was not seen as a master of musicals ("I sing the way I speak" is her simple assessment), nor was her director, Sean Mathias.
Alternatively, you could announce that you are a clairvoyant and can "read the auguries by the swing of the phlegmic pendulum ...
Mr Honan takes it for granted that 'The mortal moon hath her eclipse endured' (Sonnet 107) dates itself to 1603, the death of Queen Elizabeth I and the auguries for the reign of James I.
At the outset, Fass delineated the sharply polarized contemporary responses of "traditionalists," who saw the increasing secularism, hedonism, and faddish materialism of the young as evidence of moral collapse, and "progressives," who tended to welcome the youthful revolts against traditional religion and Victorian prudery as auguries of a new and better age.
Cliche-ridden as it was--there is a chair dance in it as well as an angel of some kind--Mark Dendy's Auguries one, two, and three, set to music by Philip Glass, provided some very strong choreography for the company's men, which they performed with athleticism, virtuosity, and elan.
He means to show that Macbeth is deluded from the start, that he points to mumbo-jumbo auguries about his manifest destiny only to hide the murderous ambition in his own heart.
In his masterwork "Auguries of Innocence," poet William Blake hailed the power of imaginative vision that beholds "a World in a Grain of Sand." Now researchers, in a tour de force of their own, have found a way to decipher the chromosomal makeup of a 10-week-old fetus by peering into a drop of its mother's blood.
only time will tell how accurate its interpretations are, but the auguries seem good.