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And generally, when Dusuns give an example of guidance by auguries, it will be framed in terms of competition or rivalry.
Cliche-ridden as it was--there is a chair dance in it as well as an angel of some kind--Mark Dendy's Auguries one, two, and three, set to music by Philip Glass, provided some very strong choreography for the company's men, which they performed with athleticism, virtuosity, and elan.
He means to show that Macbeth is deluded from the start, that he points to mumbo-jumbo auguries about his manifest destiny only to hide the murderous ambition in his own heart.
Sensing the Exon juggernaut threatening their harbors, and hoping to change its course, commercial online services have engaged in preposterous acts of self-censorship, misguided policing raids that are revealing auguries of the shape of future government intervention.
For Harry and I are among the growing numbers of Pennsylvanians on death row, and Harry, because of mind-snapping isolation, a bitterly racist environment, and the ironies, the auguries of fate, has begun the slide from depression, through deterioration, to dementia.
only defense is my wit: not auguries, dreams, or the
The auguries here are not good for any direct funding from the public sector on Merseyside, it seems.
Auguries for yesterday's trip to Nottingham were not good and justifiably so.
December heralds the end of another year and prompts me to look back over the past 12 months to see if there are any lessons to be learnt or auguries for the future.
Sadly for the 2006 DFS Classic winner such comforting auguries are pretty thin on the ground as she prepares to take on world No.
This series is going to be another close call but again I back England to disprove the auguries and take it.