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And generally, when Dusuns give an example of guidance by auguries, it will be framed in terms of competition or rivalry.
If the product, selling efficiency and timing auguries hue up adjust your lists, geography and creative, and launch.
only time will tell how accurate its interpretations are, but the auguries seem good.
Sensing the Exon juggernaut threatening their harbors, and hoping to change its course, commercial online services have engaged in preposterous acts of self-censorship, misguided policing raids that are revealing auguries of the shape of future government intervention.
For Harry and I are among the growing numbers of Pennsylvanians on death row, and Harry, because of mind-snapping isolation, a bitterly racist environment, and the ironies, the auguries of fate, has begun the slide from depression, through deterioration, to dementia.
Auguries of humanity's corporeal demise often come from the mouths of non-physicians.
Not only do they spend their lives interpreting auguries, but they invariably look at them askew.
Violet, born with magical powers known as Auguries, takes on a leadership role in this rebellion, motivated by her efforts to save other surrogates from certain death.
The first verse of William Blake's Auguries of Innocence is inscribed around the edge.
Auguries for yesterday's trip to Nottingham were not good and justifiably so.
The auguries here are not good for any direct funding from the public sector on Merseyside, it seems.
Lenin, the President explained, had favored auguries of glasnost and perestroika and "had programs that he called the New Economics and things of that kind.