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It augurs badly for our future broadcast news coverage, with ITV leading the way in making cuts in its coverage of events outside the Home Counties, that all other news was relegated to the sidelines.
Winter's retreat may be sad for children intent on sledding, but it also augurs badly for the economy, especially for businesses reliant on snow.
That augurs badly for her clash with Clijsters, who won her first Grand Slam crown in New York last summer.
It is also his sixth successive defeat to Hewitt and the Australian's brilliant display augurs badly for Henman's chances in future years.
The July drop augurs badly for the July-September quarter even attaining the 5.
The reformists' defeat, however, augurs badly for Khatami's ambitions and raises doubt over Ayat.
But the fact the Lions made known the injury when they have been so vague about the progress being made by other crocked players augurs badly for Greening.
for similar Yank offerings augurs badly for this wan effort.