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But the exploitation of gadgetry like mobile phones and MP3s augurs ill for this country," said Hamdy Abbas, a liberal researcher.
Can't say I blame them, but it augurs ill for the future.
Renwick feels that the recent hyper-consolidation of the struggling ski area industry, with established ownership groups going out of business and ever-larger corporate owners taking over, augurs ill for consumer safety.
Parliament's rapporteur Guido Sacconi (PES, Italy) having offered a concession to the Council by relaxing the assembly's position on authorisation, the Presidency's position augurs ill for a successful outcome of the forthcoming inter-institutional trialogue scheduledfor 20 November.
It augurs ill for our way of life and the future of the West that the teaching of English political and constitutional history has become in the last decades so remote, so exiguous, so marginalized, if not extinguished.
It augurs ill for the nation's future if it proves to be impossible.