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SMB ICT Investments Grows in the US, Augurs Well for MSBG
Immense Potential of Radialization to Expand beyond Current Low Levels Augurs Well for Tire Aftermarket
Strong effort in 1,000 Guineas augurs well for another prominent run here.
Its success in rebounding from the loss of these celebrated giants, which were presumed cornerstones of the area's vibrancy, augurs well for the 34th Street corridor's future.
This augurs well for the market, since more paint additives with various functions will be required to compensate for the reduced amount of solvent applied.
He had to work, but he picked up well and that augurs well for the form he's in at the moment.
Sunday Picnic ran on in a manner which augurs well for the future, while Olivier Doleuze was not hard on Secret Wells.