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The Right Horourable Governor-General Is smartly chic, always in fashion, Just like on that aftemoon my stylish Mother vacuumed, and I eyed this woman, So like my mom, bronze-beige brunette, Elegant, enlightening CBC's Take 30, With Paul Soles, dazzling the television, That afternoon when I was three, A crisp, nippy Friday, and not watching, On the black fringe of whites-only Halifax, The augustly golden, chivalrous leaves Dying, when a pale babysitter-neighbour, Peremptorily adult, ran zigzagging, huggard, In ranting, raging sunlight, gagging, "The .
As Count Aleksandr Bezborodko wrote Count Nikolai Rumiantsev, "Her Imperial Majesty, informed of the desire of the well-known Blanchard to come to Russia, has augustly deigned to order Your Excellency that you should let him know about the refusal of his intention, for here they are not at all preoccupied with this or any similar aeromania, besides which all the experiments thereof are completely obstructed with us as fruitless and unnecessary.
One is the fact that the middle class has been augustly consuming far more than it produces, particularly in terms of foreign products.