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Because, though I don't believe in auras, and think Theosophy's only a halfway-house--"
For one in three sufferers, the headaches start with an aura of neurological symptoms, leading to the migraine classification "with/without aura".
Karbonn Mobiles has launched the Aura Sleek and Aura Note 4g smartphones in India at Rs.
Aura has the world's smallest IoT radio transceiver IP for BTLE / 802.
SEATTLE -- Auras don't keep epilepsy patients safe while driving, according to a Yale University review of 215 medically refractory epilepsy patients who had seizures behind the wheel.
OWC gives MacBook Air owners even more reason to love their laptops with the newest addition to the OWC Aura SSD line.
Customers' orders are automatically fulfilled by Print Aura once sales have been reviewed and finalized.
Aura Light, with headquarters in Stockholm and subsidiaries in China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain, and the UK, manufactures and distributes sustainable lighting solutions such as LED, fluorescent tubes and other light sources, as well as luminaires and lighting controls.
For the meta-analysis, researchers reviewed six population-based studies and 13 clinic-based studies to see whether people who experienced migraine or migraine with aura had an increased risk of brain lesions, silent abnormalities or brain volume changes on MRI brain scans compared to those without the conditions.
194 consecutive patients at the university's headache center who were placed on prophylactic therapy for migraine with aura.
The company also announced the availability of the Avaya Flare Experience for Apple iPad tablets and Windows-based PCs and laptops, along with a new version of its Avaya Aura unified communications platform and expanded mobility for the Avaya Communication Server 1000 (CS1000).
Felipe soon meets her enticing young niece, Aura, and while he organizes the general's papers--which recount late 19th- and early 20th-century Mexican history--by day, he fantasizes about Aura by night.