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Because, though I don't believe in auras, and think Theosophy's only a halfway-house--"
Panorama Mall is home to the aura boutique where customers can experience first class customer service while choosing from a wide selection of luxury unique products ranging from dining, living, bedroom, tableware, home accessories and lifestyle items.
Professor Tobias Kurth, a leading neuroepidemiologist from Harvard Medical School, USA, has found the links between migraine with aura and cardiovascular events are now so strong that GPs need to take them seriously.
Aura Exterior is available in three finishes: Flat, Low Lustre and SemiGloss.
A new study finds, however, that multiple auras tend to originate in the right hemisphere of the brain, often from an identifiable starting point.
Leah MacClellan presented data, discussed in detail below, suggesting that women who have migraine with aura may be at increased risk for ischemic stroke.
On the inside of the Aura, there was a whole lot of attention paid to how each of the elements--from the IP to the center console to the door trim to the seats--harmonize and don't appear to be individual things that were sourced from various suppliers.
The small business features an instrument that allows people to see their auras and their chakra points.
The longer-term intent is to broaden Aura into a continuous, in-line process that would be effective in higher-volume color programs.
The certification assures retailers and conscientious consumers of the integrity of the organic label on Aura Cacia Organics brand personal care products, company executives said.
Benjamin's aura has a parallel link to the astral body (now featured in our contemporary rage for "near-death experiences"), which he appears to have discussed in conversations with Scholem about the zelem ("image"), the cabalistic version of the same "body of light.