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When I talked about scrubbing my aura, I was only trying to be funny.
SEATTLE -- Auras don't keep epilepsy patients safe while driving, according to a Yale University review of 215 medically refractory epilepsy patients who had seizures behind the wheel.
An aura can reveal which part of the brain is spawning a seizure, but multiple auras in a person have heretofore offered little guidance to doctors.
99) goes beyond most New Age discussions of auras and their identification to address how to improve one's aura and energy.
We have known about auras forever, because certain people have been able to perceive them, forever.
There is a controversy in the literature about what features differentiate migraine auras from partial or visual epilepsy symptoms," Dr.
Auras can also be characterized by tingling in the limbs and physical weakness.
Correcting myths and misconceptions, Rosetree offers more than one hundred tested techniques that will enable the reader to discern and interpret auras as a practical every day skills.
A minority of people with migraines experience sets of sensory signals, called auras, before each oncoming headache.
People with a history of both severe depression and headaches accompanied by sensations known as auras experience a greatly increased likelihood of thinking about and attempting suicide, asserts psychologist Naomi Breslau of Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.