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Key Words: Perioperative pain, Greater auricular nerve block, mandibular third molar.
Great auricular nerve perineural spread of squamous cell carcinoma.
A prospective controlled double-blind trial of greater auricular nerve preservation at parotidectomy.
Greater Auricular Nerve: The greater auricular nerve serves as an excellent landmark for the proper plane for elevation of the skin flap, because it lies lateral to the SCM.
2) However, placement of such a flap not only requires more operative time, but it is also associated with certain postsurgical complications, such as diminished function of the greater auricular nerve.
FNAC from the thickened greater auricular nerve revealed multiple epithelioid cell granulomas, foamy macrophages admixed with mature lymphocytes and AFB (Figures 2a,b,c,d), indicating the multibacillary status of the patient.
This report describes rare finding of tuberculous granulomas in cervical region with tuberculous involvement of a peripheral nerve-Greater auricular nerve (C2, C3) in a patient, who clinically presented with painful neck swelling.
The involved facial nerve was resected and cable-grafted with the right great auricular nerve.
Bilateral greater auricular nerve, left ulnar and bilateral posterior tibial (R > L) were enlarged.
Anesthesia involving the lower half of the pinna and pre-auricular skin--It is an inevitable sequelae of this operation because of division of the greater auricular nerve.