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I must show this stupid man where to go," said Aurora in a whisper to Seymour, and ran out to the threshold to speed the parting guest.
It ran along the passage like a path of gold, and in the midst of it Aurora Rome lay lustrous in her robes of green and gold, with her dead face turned upwards.
Aurora Rome had been stabbed with some sharp instrument such as a knife or dagger; some instrument, at least, of which the blade was short.
Though the aurora still flamed, another day had begun.
The gang-plank was hauled in, and the Aurora swang out from the bank.
I would engage a launch and go down the river on the track of the Aurora.
I want to find the whereabouts of a steam launch called the Aurora, owner Mordecai Smith, black with two red streaks, funnel black with a white band.
We cannot pick up the broken trail until we find either the Aurora or Mr.
Aurora currently has 59,744,444 shares outstanding and a net cash position of $23,070,000.
Aurora Greenway, the heroine of Larry McMurtry's novel ``Terms of Endearment'' and of the movie that won an Oscar for Best Picture in 1984, is the role that finally won six-time nominee Shirley MacLaine an Academy Award.
The fully integrated Aurora advertising campaign also includes a four-page magazine insert, a series of 15 print ads, and a direct marketing effort.
Aurora Metals, a division of Aurora Industries, was founded in 1899 to cast pistons for locomotive engines.