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Various methods have been identified to verify ETT placement in adult mechanically ventilated patients: ultrasonography, the use of centimetre scale printed on the ETT, manual cuff palpation, bilateral auscultation of chest and palpation of symmetrical chest movements, EDDs, visualisation of the ETT, use of CXR, pulse oximetry and capnography.
Not surprisingly, this study revealed that the decoding of organ sounds related to complexity were (in order) bowel, lung, and heart sounds, supporting the findings of other researchers who noted the difficulty in cardiac auscultation (Horiszny, 2001; Stern et al.
To estimate the correct tube position, auscultation and measuring pH are commonly used alone or in combination, because these techniques can be done easily and do not require specialist equipment.
Current guidelines for the management of hemothorax include diagnosis by physical exam and auscultation, and treatment with intravenous fluids and ventilator assistance with bag valve mask.
Auscultation is the action of listening to the noises inside the body.
A study conducted to determine the sensitivity and specificity of using auscultation of insufflated air in differentiating between gastric and respiratory placement reported the results of three patients with misplaced tubes as determined by X-ray.
According to Wood, (1) there has been no significant difference in outcomes of infants whose low-risk mothers were monitored during labour by either the cardiotocograph or intermittent auscultation of the fetal heart rate.
These old data are being presented now because an effective way of teaching heart auscultation is still an actual problem, and these data essentially expand literary concepts of this problem.
No bulging of the fontanel was observed, and the lungs were clear on auscultation.
Clinical examination, auscultation, and ECG testing usually fail to identify these potentially life-threatening cardiac disorders, so screening echocardiography should be considered for all patients who have undergone mediastinal radiation therapy, said Dr.
At the National Maternity Hospital in Dublin, Ireland, 8,580 women admitted to the delivery ward received either admission EFM for twenty minutes or the unit's usual care consisting of intermittent auscultation of the fetal heartbeat using a stethoscope.
Clinical points of emphasis include the importance of a complete environmental history and careful auscultation of the chest when performing the physical examination.