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Assess the growth potential of Auspex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Exploit collaboration and partnership opportunities with Auspex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
At the same time, even with our data stores growing like kudzu, the consolidation "benefits will continue into the foreseeable future because the two-terabyte Auspex system we purchased can expand to accommodate several dozen terabytes of data.
Auspex can attract a broad spectrum of resellers because of the NSc3000's industry-exclusive ability to operate with SANs from all leading vendors, including Hitachi Data Systems, EMC, Dell, Eurologic, StorageTek and LSI Logic.
The move toward open storage demonstrates that Auspex is willing to provide the flexibility that customers want, enabling SAN users to add file services on top of whatever infrastructure they already have.
The first product is a fibre-based Network Attached Storage server that is capable of enhancing the data protection capabilities of the Auspex NS3010.
The service also enables Auspex customers to calculate monthly payments, customise payment plans, generate finance documentation and view their account status online.