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Generally, the sales of Oud rise sharply during Ramadan, before both the Eids and during the wedding season as well as it is burned auspiciously during special occasions," said Hamad Fuad, the company's director of marketing and sales.
Such people would speak auspiciously and optimistically about the fledgling Israeli era.
Auspiciously, the first hook he edited after his appointment at Marg was Garnish the benevolent.
OUR first spring on this Island coincided auspiciously with the inauguration of the annual Spring of Culture.
It will pave the way for further conversations among men and women committed both to the critical study of religion and, equally important, to auspiciously living a religious life.
This idea of sacrifice may be considered most auspiciously in the context of Patocka's reading of Heidegger on technology.
They built two identical houses in Dade City, gave us identical budgets and identical time to complete the interiors," says the former contestant on HGTV's Design Star, revealing only that he'll be introduced on air as "Jason, the auspiciously named Champion.
Seeing the horizon at sunrise streaked auspiciously orange, the solemn-faced man understands the unavoidable day has arrived.
Three "Sage Writers in Tribute to Their Muse," J Hillis Miller, Gillian Beer, and Tom Paulin, provide elegant homage to Hardy in this volume which opens, yet more auspiciously, with Charles P.
Setting eyes upon her, Ravana says "Who are you, radiant like the glow of gold, dressed in golden clothes like a lotus tendril, auspiciously garlanded with lotuses.
Te Runanga o Aotearoa's symposium early last month started auspiciously under the korowai of aniwaniwa--a positive sign that preceded a wonderful day.
Most auspiciously, the price of gasoline to the consumer responds quickly to changes in crude oil prices.