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His new kicking role didn't start too auspiciously, as he sent a penalty over the dead ball line in attempting to go for the corner.
"This year, the GMC is bigger and better than ever before and auspiciously marks the debut of our international final in the GCC, Arab world and the entire Mena region, and we are confident that we, in collaboration with QFBA and Adnar Group, will bring professionals all over the world a first-class event that continues to play a vital role in promoting business and managerial talents as well as supporting human capacity building initiatives and efforts in this part of the world."
The approaching school year will begin auspiciously for 35 villages in the regions of Mandoul, Mayo Kebbi Est, Mayo Kebbi Ouest, Tandjile, and the city of N'Djamena.
It began auspiciously enough last October, when Colombo jointly sponsored a UN Human Rights Council resolution on Sri Lanka's postwar reconciliation, calling for a 'credible justice process' steered by "Commonwealth and other foreign judvges."
Among the other post-combustion offerings was a collaboration with a Parisian cave a manger, auspiciously named Sauvage: Dinner for 1 (cuisine d'author), 2016, is a ridiculously well-charred sandwich sitting on a plate decorated with a cosmic swirl pattern.
Auspiciously it provides instant "go/no-go" results displayed directly on your part, almost instantaneously.
During the one-night visit on Thursday, the Prime Minister drove up from an official visit to Swansea to stay in the auspiciously named boutique hotel in Cathedral Road where he dined with Welsh Conservative MPs and AMs.
Company source explicated that the company has auspiciously contributed towards new technological horizons for industrial support specifically through training of trainers program for the garment industry and skill development in solar technologies.
A visit to Brown Rice Thai Cuisine began auspiciously, after departing customers offered us a half-bottle of Riesling.
Henry, whose reign began auspiciously, eventually developed the paranoid brutality of Stalin along with the promiscuity of Bill Clinton.