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The Buddha explained the 38 auspiciousness that can be practice by all of us without having to be a Buddhist.
Empiricists agree that the length of residency of a Yankee migrant or even a City-based corporation depends not only on the availability of employment and labor, but also on the license to conduct business and the favorability of employment conditions in the establishment, as well as the auspiciousness of operating an enterprise.
My friend Shri keeps several Hindu images of the divine in his work space: Saraswati, bestower of knowledge; Rama, bestower of ethics; Hanuman, bestower of devotion and power; and Ganesh, bestower of auspiciousness and safety.
The Chinese see alcohol as a representation of happiness and auspiciousness.
18) He tells his students how to perform rituals, when to stop a ritual, where to stand, what to say and chant, and how to judge the ceremony's auspiciousness.
All of this auspiciousness was in direct (supposed) conflict with the dubious credentials of oral history.
As such, they didn't recognise the jars' spiritual auspiciousness and have broken many of them up to cover their graves and used them to sharpen their machetes.
In that sense, the ritualism in Mani Shankar's film is indeed an exceptional one, for in it, the auspiciousness of the moment of bringing to mind a mythic past becomes congruent with the frenetic surveillance, policing and deliverance of a global emergency.
I thought the opening event was very impressive and the setting at The Nasher Sculpture Center certainly enhanced the auspiciousness of the occasion.
48) simply for questioning the auspiciousness of certain words in the leader's drunkenly extemporaneous display of poetry prior to the Battle of Chibi (which Cao Cao and his million-man army subsequently lost).