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Peter Ivanovitch trusts me," she went on, quite austerely.
What would the austerely dressed folk of 90 years ago make of today's Lycra, trainers, and energy drinks?
Her student work, the short Phantasy Quartet (1928), combines gentle pastoralism and ecstatic moments while the late String Quintet (1982) is leaner and less ebullient, with the final theme and variations gradually falling into silence - an austerely beautiful piece.
When Emma and Simon hear that there's an unusual, austerely elegant, super-high-tech house in their price range, they're intrigued.
As demonstrated in Caravaggio's Salome receiving the Head of John the Baptist, 1609-10, his paintings around this time are characterized by an austerely limited use of paint and colour and strong tenebrism, also featured in the surrounding works by his Neapolitan followers, though these are not the only characteristics shared.
But now Jim lives austerely, refusing to seek employment after his years medical leave (for panic attacks and undiagnosed pains) from his position as head librarian.
Back then, I had an austerely short haircut and no glasses, and now I have glasses and a ridiculous quiff and occasionally a beard.
In referring to "harm" I mean to refer not only to "harm" suffered by Darfuris, but suffered also by the 370,000 Darfuri refugees in eastern Chad; by the vast numbers of people who are suffering and dying in South Kordofan and Blue Nile--and yet who are relentlessly denied relief aid by the Khartoum regime; by the communities of eastern Sudan, who have also been victims of the ruthless, militarized security state the regime has created--most austerely over the past four years.
Abrahamson, an Irish filmmaker whose very previous movies ("Frank," "Garage") struck a nice balance of humanist storytelling and austerely elegant visuals, pulls off some of his most striking effects here through compositional skill alone.
In choosing Aron's more austerely limited one, Shepard may have done the more difficult, the more original thing, and yet I longed to hear from Korczak, to explore his soul in ways Aron cannot.
The passionate interest in nature that is evident in so many of these works means that it is unsurprising to find artists such as Huber making both austerely monochrome pen drawings and also richly luminous water-colours of landscapes.
It is as austerely gorgeous as it is conceptually provocative and one loses sight that the work is porcelain.