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Ironically, austerity does not do what it claims to do.
Greece has been in recession for six years and has been the focal point of raging debates about the effectiveness of austerity policies.
But other divisions of aspects also have been attributed to austerity including Khwaja.
We want to see that "we are all in this together" because what we are seeing is that the rich and powerful are not in the austerity - in fact, they are having a very good "austerity" with million pound bonuses and massive pay rises.
FOR MANY NURSING UNIONS THROUGHOUT the world, the dominant theme of the Global Nurses United day of action on September 17, was opposing their government's austerity policies, which are corroding their public health systems.
The Finance Minister in his budget speech has also announced that the budget 2013-14 excluding debt servicing, defence, pay and allowances, subsidies and grants shall be reduced by 30pc and no vehicles shall be purchased except operational vehicles of law enforcement agencies and critical development projects", stated the finance ministry notification on austerity measures.
Raising high placards, the demonstrators marched from Marques Pombal Square along the Liberty Avenue towards their destination Restauradores Square in downtown Lisbon on Saturday, chanting antigovernment slogans, protesting government's austerity measures including an increase in working hours, layoff of teachers and reduction in compensation for layoff teachers and their allowances.
Spanish protesters are organizing rallies in Madrid, Valencia, Zaragoza and Barcelona under the slogan "People United against the Troika" in protest of austerity policies and financial cuts in various sectors.
In the last year, full-throttle austerity has fallen out of favour with those charged with monitoring the world economy.
Detailing a decade of research, Oxford University political economist David Stuckler and Sanjay Basu, an assistant professor of medicine and an epidemiologist at Stanford University, said their findings show austerity is seriously bad for health.
Olivier Blanchard, chief economist at the International Monetary Fund, has pleaded for Britain to start focusing on growth rather than fiscal virtue, claiming that "we've never been passionate about austerity.
Asked what fundamental change he would make to the austerity that is necessary for Bulgaria if elected at the upcoming elections, Stanishev said: