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coolidgei), Colorado (Peromyscus maniculatus rufinus), and Washington (Peromyscus maniculatus austerus).
austerus (locality 8), Peromyscus maniculatus artemisiae (locality 9), P.
maniculatus subspecies austerus, artemisiae, rubidus, and sonoriensis) are associated with the reference samples from central (P.
"Austere" derives from the Latin austerus: "severe." The OED's earliest example is Richard Rolles's 1340 description of Christ as severe judge.
In fact the couplet seems to contrast two kinds of fear (expressed by timor and cauenda) in two kinds of situation, the seduction of an unmarried citizen girl, or clausapuella, and the seduction of a woman married to a uir austerus. Broekhuyzen saw the solution that restores balance and contrast: nec timor est ulli clausae tutela puellae, `neither is the guard of a sequestered girl a source of fear to anyone' (tutela of course can be either the fact of guarding or the guards themselves)(31) Two possible explanations of the corruption suggest themselves.

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