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Financially Integrated versus Financially Autarkic Steady State
However, while anti-access may have deep historical roots, it was the peculiarities of the Cold War and the isolated, almost autarkic, economy of the Soviet regime that enabled power projection to gain such a firm hold over naval thinking post-World War II.
This confirms that independence and autonomy do not emerge in an entirely endogenous, isolated, or autarkic fashion.
Thus, it is characteristic of both playing a game and a practice that they are autarkic in the sense of meaningful in themselves.
Both countries have evolved from a largely autarkic economy to one that is primarily export- oriented.
By contrast, some radical analysts continue to counsel autarkic or at least semi-autarkic development strategies, including import substitution and avoidance of dependence on foreign investment.
The second section solves for the general competitive equilibrium of an autarkic economy with and without manufacturing input diversification.
Yet, by introducing the concept of the Equivalent Autarkic Equilibrium (EAE), Deardorff and Staiger (1988) provide the theoretical foundation and show under which assumptions the FCT and relative wages are related (see also, Deardorff 2000; Krugman 2000; Wood 1995).
In its infancy, the American Republic was an autarkic continental power pursuing a limited grand strategy.
However, a possible step-up in Pyongyang's economic engagement with Beijing, as seen in the announcement of three new industrial zones along the China-North Korea border, suggests that the risk of an collapse of the autarkic communist state during the leadership transition phase is diminishing.
has prophesied the advent of an autarkic society that would obtain its energy almost solely from the life force of its own members: They could be sacrificed in a ritual or a more simply practical manner for the survival of the group, which in any case is limited in numbers and always at the edge of subsistence, like those tribes reduced to a few nasty, dirty, unpleasant individuals described by Claude Levi-Strauss in Tristes Tropiques.