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2])is an autarkic production plan that produces sufficient output for (according to (15), then ([iota], [[mu].
However, while anti-access may have deep historical roots, it was the peculiarities of the Cold War and the isolated, almost autarkic, economy of the Soviet regime that enabled power projection to gain such a firm hold over naval thinking post-World War II.
Thus, it is characteristic of both playing a game and a practice that they are autarkic in the sense of meaningful in themselves.
To assume cultures are autarkic and rigid is as erroneous as to assume that cultural distinctions are invariably resolvable.
resulting from autarkic economic policies, and highly fragmented along
By contrast, some radical analysts continue to counsel autarkic or at least semi-autarkic development strategies, including import substitution and avoidance of dependence on foreign investment.
Yet, by introducing the concept of the Equivalent Autarkic Equilibrium (EAE), Deardorff and Staiger (1988) provide the theoretical foundation and show under which assumptions the FCT and relative wages are related (see also, Deardorff 2000; Krugman 2000; Wood 1995).
By this measure the vulnerability to an oil shock of an autarkic U.
Most military leaders favoured the idea of the defence industry as an autarkic structure.
First assume an autarkic economy before reform, which was producing the wrong mix of output at world prices at Q1 (Figure I).
3], is lower than the autarkic (no trade) equilibrium price in Tax ([P.
The point is manifestly not that TE markets could be autarkic or that their complementarity should be fashioned through intrusive discriminatory instruments.