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The bishops go on to say, "Laity and clergy embody and express the sense of the faith precisely when they conform their consciences to what the church authentically professes and teaches."
Such categories come rather close to Heidegger's attempt to relate being to existence; namely the challenge to exist authentically, as Berenger does when he manages to not succumb to rhinoceritis, versus inauthentically, as in the case of those who are transformed into rhinos.
He decided the place should be authentically Catholic.
Chef Mark Cox of Mark's American Cuisine (1658 Westheimer Road; 713-523-3800) creates authentically inspired international dishes with American touches.
In the ads the 60-year-old spokeswoman speaks directly to the viewer, saying that she believes in aging authentically, that she takes calcium every day and that she uses L'Oreal's new Age Perfect Pro-Calcium moisturizer to make her skin resilient, more toned and redensified.
Historic buildings from all around the Black Country have been moved and authentically rebuilt at the museum.
To make an authentically flavored pho broth, begin with vegetable or mushroom stock and add black peppercorns, cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, coriander seeds, and fresh ginger as the broth simmers.
Authentically brewed, using premium whole, loose tea leaves, the beverages are all-natural and perfected with a touch of fruit infusion.
Live authentically, and put the power of truth on your side.
He avoided fancy words, expressing his common sense observations about the people and events of Washington in a voice as authentically American as Mark Twain's.
The metalcasting shop's master, journeyman and apprentice caster supply bronze andirons, pewter spoons, bronze candelabra and brass candlesticks for the Prentis Store, where visitors can purchase the authentically produced items.
To take up the life of the cross--or in the case of Judaism, to authentically stand before God--cannot therefore be satisfied by Niebuhr's profile of the sinner who though justified must nonetheless wait patiently and hopefully for God's continued redemptive change.