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Though one realizes that non-being will have its say with the private ego, this awareness can serve as a catalyst for summoning the courage to love and live authentically until one's being disappears into non-being.
According to Rosenzweig, the process of discerning how and when one responds authentically to the divine command transpires through the practice of studying sacred texts with others.
The solo piano arrangements are authentically and appealingly set in the selected style.
This authentically Australian story should appeal to YAs since it shows two rebels straightening out their lives but not changing their basic personalities to mush.
EACH WINTER I THINK ABOUT HOW I MIGHT ENTER most authentically into Lent.
Authentically Black: Essays for the Black Silent Majority by John McWhorter Gotham Books, January 2003 $25.
They were inspired by the warm and elegant design features they found in Italy as they created this authentically Italian restaurant.
To help mold his Crane authentically, Kinnear was lent a wealth of materials by Crane's son Bob Jr.
He's at his best when the crowd actually believes his antics are authentically awkward and unfunny.
With convenient heat-and-serve preparation, this new line of savory Mexican-seasoned meats offers bold, mouth-watering flavors while significantly reducing the amount of labor required to menu authentically flavored dishes.
Bracing British comedy, authentically coarse in Brenda Blethyn's magnificently brassy turn as Horrocks's mother, and wincingly cruel in Caine's beady-eyed portrayal of a drunken chancer careering down dead ends.
In each of these works, and countless lectures, interviews, and letters-to-the-editor, Murray provides an insider's view of the Black Experience that establishes, authentically, its beauty, its complexity, and all of its contradictions.