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Students use these interior scanners to gain access to their individual rooms--after students authenticate by waving their hands through the scanner, the device unlocks all individual room doors in that particular hallway for up to 20 seconds, enabling students literally to walk right in.
Adoption of one approach over another is determined by the importance of the documents the organization wants to authenticate and secure.
It is a means of marking a document with one-half of a key pair in such a way as to require the second half of the key pair to authenticate the signer.
The most common systems identify or authenticate users by their fingerprints, eyes, hands, faces, or voices.
Connecting to a computer through USB, the myris biometric device allows Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac OS device users to authenticate through iris scan.
fully portable unit to use at the lobby reception area to verify visitor's appointments to a building, authenticate each person's identity, and produce a visitor badge for entry in less than 30 seconds per guest.

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