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Users simply approach the computer equipped with a standard web camera, and FastAccess biometrically authenticates them and logs them on.
Handsets can automatically authenticate to the hot spot and make and receive VoIP calls on Wi-Fi.
CRYPTO-Server's CRYPTO-Web component makes it simple for Tiger and Panther users to utilize the exact same ATM-style log-on protocol to positively authenticate themselves to Apache and IIS Websites, right down to the page level.
Winner of numerous prestigious honours, including the "Best of Show," award at Macworld 2004, CRYPTOCard positively authenticates a user's identity by coupling something in the user's possession (a smart card, hardware token, or software token), with something the user knows (their PIN), and provides centralized authentication for all physical and network access regardless of network infrastructure or user location.
A user simply enters their PIN ("One-PIN-and-You're-In") to authenticate against the CRYPTO-Server and removes their multi-function smart card or USB token to log off.
Vernier's EdgeWall 8800 enables us to authenticate and inspect these users' devices to protect the network from worms, viruses and other malware threats and to maximize use of the available network resources.
All failures to authenticate, or detection of systems that are not properly patched, are immediately logged, and alerts can be sent to ensure that the organizations regulatory and IT compliance objectives are met.
An organization cannot guarantee system security if it cannot authenticate each individual user, and CRYPTO-Server 6.

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