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Such forward-looking statements include statements regarding Card Scanning's deployment of Digimarc IDMarc digital watermarking and the expected benefits of Digimarc IDMarc digital watermarking in authenticating driver licenses, as well as other statements containing the words "believes," "expects," "estimates," "anticipates," "will" or words of similar import or statements of management's opinion.
Facebook encourages accountability by authenticating people into defined networks using valid email addresses from supported schools or companies.
With our one-of-a-kind approach of authenticating computer access at the IP infrastructure level, Meta IP offers enterprises the ability to protect the organization's most critical resource -- network access -- rather than just network resources.
Since 1925, ATCC has set the standard for authenticating and distributing biological materials for life science research in the public and private sector.
CRYPTO-Logon makes it simple for a user to log on by entering their PIN ("One-PIN-and-You're-In"), and authenticating against the CRYPTO-Server - the user simply removes their multi-function smart card or USB token to log off.

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