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Corillian's strong authentication solution provides a low-cost solution for multi-factor authentication while maintaining high user satisfaction.
The USB authentication tokens are expected to gain an increasing share of the total hardware authentication devices market, and hybrid tokens may dominate the USB tokens segment of the market in future," notes Baben.
Key applications for Authentication Services include:
User authentication at the switch port promotes user mobility and offers flexibility at controlling network access at the perimeter.
Alcatel's Authentication Services was the first product to provide network access and broadcast management based on a user's identity -- a password and user ID -- rather than by port, MAC address, protocol type or IP address.
Provide flexible, available and secure networks, providing secure access to layer 2 networking domains, they support a number of different configurations including: 1) single RADIUS authority which is used when clients are authenticated using a single server or chain of servers that are configured with group information or 2) multiple authority mode when one party is providing the network and another is providing the server; and 3) proxy RADIUS when authentication is provided against a RADIUS server located at another site.
Steel-Belted Radius, on the other hand, speaks the language of whichever remote access server is sending the authentication request, based on its associated dictionary.
Administrative security is enforced naturally via NetWare or NT authentication.
Using Proxy RADIUS, any Steel-Belted Radius server can be configured to pass authentication requests to another RADIUS server which may have the appropriate database to perform authentication.
With relationships such as eBay, our newly acquired grading & authentication expertise and a certified sales platform we are positioned to increase our market share in the industry with solid potential for growth.
As fraud becomes more of a problem in the collectable markets, Global is positioned to help eliminate fraud and provide collectors and customers with more accurate and reliable product offerings," said Steve Rocchi, President of Global Authentication LLC.