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Autographs of The Beatles on a piece of paper can fetch $5,000, while signed photos can get $15,000 or more at auction, the authenticator said.
First, encourage the industry associations--the IHMA and also the International Authentication Association--to make representations to ISO and other standards bodies to ensure that sensory authenticators are covered in any such new standard.
It provides full lifecycle management of authentication solutions including deployment, authenticator provisioning and ongoing maintenance, as well as support for users who lose their authenticators.
These v-GO enhancements enable us to meet more of those needs than any ESSO vendor, fit into any existing two-factor authentication environment, and provide complete flexibility for customers that are changing authentication methods or deploying authenticators for the first time.
The Diversinet Provisioning Server for the RSA SecurID solution is also integrated with RSA([R]) Authentication Deployment Manager, the web-based workflow automation system that is engineered to speed deployment of RSA SecurID software and hardware authenticators to end users.
Used in conjunction with RSA Authentication Manager software, an RSA SecurID authenticator functions like an ATM card for a company network, requiring users to identify themselves with two unique factors--something they know (such as a password or PIN) and something they have (such as an RSA SecurID key fob token)--before they are granted access to secure business information.
1x authenticators have demonstrated successful communication and authentication under a number of scenarios.
The v-GO Platform makes it easy to plug in a wide variety of digital identity repositories, authenticators, user provisioning systems and other password management services to meet specific security and compliance requirements.
Based on humans' innate ability to remember and recognize faces, Passfaces(TM) cognometric authentication technology eliminates human-related security vulnerabilities as a replacement for passwords and PINs, both knowledge-based authenticators.
By supporting the OATH One-Time Password Algorithm within our Passport Trust Platform Mobile Client core, we accelerate the ability for industry vendors, service providers and enterprises to use mobile phones as two-factor authenticators," said Stu Vaeth, Diversinet's Chief Security Officer, "We anticipate that global wireless carriers will play a significant role in creating a broad and open network of OATH enabled mobile devices.
Through an extensible set of programming interfaces customers, other software vendors and device manufacturers can customize the v-GO Platform to plug in a wide array of cryptographic services, directories and repositories, authenticators, user provisioning systems and other password management services.