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Many brands want the reach of the influencers, but they forget that awareness can still lead to negative brand association if lacking in authenticity.
Therefore, signature analysis is (in addition to physico-chemical tests, the analysis of technology, painting techniques, and style) one of the most important methods for investigating the authenticity of a painting.
Citing his study as much of a diagnosis of the zeitgeist as it is a study of the theatre, Schulze suggests that the culture of authenticity cannot only be read in terms of postmodern nostalgia and parody, but should be seen as an expression of a new structure of feeling.
In other words, authenticity (as delivered to audiences through media) is a social construction achieved through an interplay between audience expectations and preconceptions about what determines a sense of the real (on the one hand) and media producers' success in delivering content that corresponds these notions.
Scanning the code with the interactive smartphone app from Bayer gives the user important information about the authenticity of the product.
Make sure you check the authenticity of travel websites Web fraud warning FOLLOWING an increase in reports of fraudulent travel company websites, ABTAT ,the Travela Association, is warning holidaymakers to carefully check the authenticity of sites when booking deals online.
While authenticity as a philosophical concept has long been used to structure debate on individual identity, in more contemporary parlance authenticity has been additionally used to assess anything from participants in reality TV shows to social media postings.
Authenticity is a word that appears more than once in this issue.
New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and the Natural Products Association (NPA) plan to work together to educate the supplement industry and consumers, promoting product safety, authenticity and transparency.
A marketing expert urges brands to embrace authenticity if they want to succeed in social media.
For example, commentators have speculated that President Ronald Reagan's perceived authenticity helped him gain votes from citizens who disagreed with him ideologically (Rosenbloom 2011).
Authenticity Is a Perception, Especially Important for Alternative Tourism