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In particular they are used for identification and authentification purposes via IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity), MSISDN (Mobile Subscriber International ISDN Number), PIN (Personal Identification Number) and PUC (Personal Unblocking Code).
In banking they are looking at multi-factor authentification including facial recognition.
*Three decree laws were endorsed on protected telecom companies and the amendment of decree law 14 for 1971 on authentification - following recommendations of the executive committee chaired by the Crown Prince.
Regulators want to see the kinds of firewall protections RIAs have in place, the usage of passwords and encryption, and whether advisors are using tools like multifactor authentification.
As Palmie puts it, "theirs still is very much a struggle over authentification and authorization" (p.
[beaucoup moins que] Cette action approfondit la demarche continue de mise en place du registre du commerce electronique qui permet la securisation de l'extrait du registre du commerce, l'authentification et le controle en ligne des donnees [beaucoup plus grand que], souligne la meme source.La lecture du code securise s'effectue par le lecteur RCE qui est un module qui s'installe sur des peripheriques, dote d'un dispositif de capture d'image comme les smartphones et les tablettes, explique le Cnrc.
Chapter one discusses the authentification of Prophetic traditions, following the Hanafi classification of the hadith into single traditions, widely known traditions, and concurrent traditions.
(1989) Face Authentification or Recognition by Profile Extraction from Range Images.
(1) CMS claims that proper authentification of documents would increase costs several-fold.
The illustrations in Morison's edition were media of authentification, providing readers with familiar scenes and subjects in a style that was not characterised by the sentimental and mythopoeic imagery used in illustrations of both English and Scottish editions.
Dans le recit, les pieces prouvant l'identite de Chabert entrent ainsi a tout moment dans un circuit de mediations et d'echanges: elle sont ecrites en allemand, doivent donc etre traduites, passent par "les postes prussienne, autrichienne, bavaroise et francaise" (III, 335), et leur authentification est payee par Derville.
Either way, what is performed by different means whenever celebrities do humanitarian work is the authentification of being a famous celebrity, who motivated by personal feelings and experiences or simply moral feelings of right and wrong, supports charity, becomes the spokesperson for a good cause, or rises to be an important player on the global scene of development politics.