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To empower another with the legal right to perform an action.

The Constitution authorizes Congress to regulate interstate commerce.

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v. to officially empower someone to act. (See: authority)

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The documents said that 177 inquiries had been authorised against government servants and 19 against businessmen and 45 against others from July to September.
The EBM authorised conducting an inquiry against Punjab government and officers of Punjab Institute of Cardiology for their involvement in alleged corruption.
The NAB also authorised inquiry against employees of Fata Secretariat and others regarding embezzlement of funds in multiple projects in FR Bannu.
In West Yorkshire figures show there were 85 authorised firearms officers.
Scott Thomas, Founder and President of APMEX, said, 'APMEX is honoured to have been approved by the United States Mint to become one of only a few select companies that are authorised to purchase United States gold and platinum bullion coins.
The CMA also emphasised that contractual agreements which result in the practice of securities business by a person not authorised by CMA to conduct such business in the Kingdom are considered to be void.
In addition, four companies have been registered with the authorised capital of Rs100 million, each and five companies with the authorised capital of Rs50 million, each.
Porsche has opted for qualitative selective distribution for its network of authorised Porsche service centres, as the share of the Porsche network on the market for the repair of its cars is above 30%.
ISLAMABAD -- The National Accountability Bureau Executive Board has authorised 17 corruption inquiries against different people, including former finance minister Ishaq Dar , former secretary to PM Fawad Hassan Fawad, Senator Rubina Khalid and others.
London: Fraudsters like Swish Loans (clone) are using the details of firms we authorise to try to convince people that they work for a genuine, authorised firm.