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The Financial Times recently observed that in China's "efforts to build soft power outside its borders," the country "needs to tread more lightly and take a more reciprocal and less authoritarian approach.
This government says it is not authoritarian, but it is on the edge,' he said.
Setting aside the issue of whet her the questions measure learned cultural dispositions or innate temperament, they do enable researchers to assess the authoritarian values held by respondents.
In addition, several satirical videos discuss how people in the past used to be educated, especially at school, to worship or idolize leaders of the authoritarian government as a way to prompt reflections upon the taught history.
Considering the fact that the world witnessed the emergence of more competitive authoritarian regimes than democratic ones, maybe we should examine what the causal factors of these developments may be.
Specifically, the collection examines the tensions and contractions of labour relations in a diverse range of political contexts connected by shared histories of authoritarian governance over the past century.
Another study by Jackson and Schemes (2005) highlighted that children with authoritative parents had better social adjustment in comparison to children with authoritarian parents.
It is not an open and shut case: authoritarian regimes are over-represented among 'growth miracles', but they are also over-represented among 'growth disasters'.
Defect or defend: Military responses to popular protests in authoritarian Asia
Objective: The overarching research question of this project is: how is authoritarian rule affected by and responding to globalisation of (a) information and communication, (b) association, and (c) people movement The wholly unpredicted series of revolts that recently spread across the Arab world suggests that the nature and sustainability of contemporary authoritarian rule are not well-understood.
In Defect or Defend: Military Responses to Popular Protests in Authoritarian Asia, Terence Lee's goal is to understand why some popular protests in Asia have led to the collapse of authoritarian regimes while some regimes have been resilient, quelling protests and tightening their grip on power.
Anderson & Bushman, 2002), I predicted that authoritarian aggression--that is, the tendency to accept and engage in harm toward others as long as such harm has been sanctioned by accepted authority figures (see, e.